the rationale for working with a graphic designer

Very few people are immune to appearances.

Most people will, without thinking much about it, judge a product or service on the way it is presented – they will assume that this is part of the product or service itself. That may or may not be true, but it means that whatever you do, you are in charge of the way you are understood; by knowing this, you are already several steps ahead.

Working with a graphic designer is a way of gaining very precise control over the way you are perceived by the people you want to address, and over the way your service or product is understood.

Graphic design is an area of specialist expertise, which, like any other expertise, requires ability, training and experience. Knowing how to use software is only one part of the process, and not the most important one, so, while it is possible for the layman to produce something in standard desktop software, that approach is not necessarily the best way to present your company or your work.

Which is to say that working with a good graphic designer is a investment in the future of your company, one that will allow you to address your chosen audience in a clear, consistent and professional manner, and give your business a public presence that is memorable for all the right reasons.

if I go to a graphic designer, how does the process work?


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