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interglacial is a graphics practice run by Lesley Graham

As a graphic designer, my job is to turn ideas into pages.

I've spent years studying creativity, in various contexts, trying to see how these things happen, and how they are possible at all.

This is one of the reasons that I would never insist on any particular style, or working method, but would rather listen to the question, capture the content, and turn it into something that conveys what needs to be said, something that has the right 'personality' to say it.

The specialisms named in the navigation bar above derive from the range of my professional experience. I have spent many years working within the world of competitive business, and with building and infrastructural designers. I've also been involved with the academic world for most of my life. (There are more details on the CV page, linked below.)

I'm based in, but not limited to working in, London. I'm originally from Carlisle, i.e. between the Cumbrian hills and the border plate boundary. Or, at the other end of the M6, according to taste.

Which reminds me: if you were wondering, 'interglacial' is the term for the time period between ice ages. It's where we are now, it defines how long many of our cultures have been developing, and I think it's nice to have that sense of perspective.

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