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the process of working with a graphic designer

The process of working with a graphic designer begins with a general discussion, which increases in detail as you comment on the developing project, and moves through draft versions to the finished work.

Every step of the way results from a conversation, with an agreement at the end as to what happens next. For preference I like to look at people's own back-of-envelope sketch ideas of what they want; these honestly don't have to be 'clever' or tidy.

This is a typical example of how a graphics project works:

  • Initial discussion, initial thoughts and sketches (and I bring a portfolio of previous work)
  • Appointment of the designer – work carried out after this point is chargeable – and agreement of the brief. The brief describes everything that the project needs to involve: the aims and style requirements of the work; the target audience; a list of items to produce; timetable, costs and cost basis (hourly rate, fixed fee, etc.)
  • Sketch ideas produced by the designer
  • Feedback and consultation meeting(s) between client and designer
  • Revision and development stage(s)
  • Final design produced by designer
  • Final client approval of the work
  • Physical production of the work (if a project include several items, these may go for production at different times)

If it becomes apparent that there is a need to commission photos and/or illustrations, this can be discussed in principle at an early stage.

yes, but why should I go to a graphic designer?

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