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Broadly, I can produce work for papers, lecture and paper presentations, conferences and other events, for academics, colleges and professional bodies. The work can be designed according to a college 'house style', or be completely bespoke.

Possible projects include:

  • Diagrams for papers
  • Conference publicity and delegate material
  • Calls for papers
  • Event posters
  • Document layout for papers and publications
  • Lecture and conference digital presentations
  • 'Tidying up' of existing presentations
  • Technical illustration
  • Keynote presentations

Good presentation enhances the subject matter. To this end I can offer the subtle and respectful skills involved in turning complex ideas into a pleasing and effective visual form without sacrificing clarity, complexity, or the importance of the subject. This applies equally to work within a scientific or an arts or humanities context.

I can set out papers according to a given journal style, or university house style. and adapt charts and diagrams produced in desktop software. Delegating the production of these aspects of the work has the advantage of freeing up time for the writing.

My approach to meeting deadlines has developed over 20 years of living in the commercial world, so they will indeed be met.

If you would be interested in commissioning a diagram, document, presentation or poster, and/or discussing costs, without making a commitment, either email a quick sketch or description to the address below, or phone me to discuss your requirements.

(For your interest, my own affiliation is to the University of Essex, I'm working on my PhD in the Philosophy department, part-time. More detail is available through the 'about' page.)

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